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Find Home Weatherization Training and Jobs

Get the training and information necessary to perform home weatherization work. Whether you are looking to find work with a company or start your own weatherization business, we provide the information and services necessary to help you get started as quickly as possible.

Home Weatherization Training

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When you participate in Weatherize America's business guidance program, you are provided with the resources necessary to perform home weatherization inspections and repairs.

Our home weatherization training manual, 'How To Perform Home Weatherization Improvements and Repairs', provides guidelines and weatherization techniques for windows, doors, insulation, radiators, baseboard heaters, piping, garage doors, boilers, water heaters and more.

This manual also provides insight on how to perform energy optimization improvements with respect to lighting, thermostats, smart strips, refrigerator coils, fan and light timers, shower heads, toilet flappers, drier vent seals and more.

Performing weatherization improvements also requires that you learn how to inspect a home for possible problems in the first place. Our manual called 'Operating a Home Weatherization Inspection Business', teaches you what to look for in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms and bedrooms, but we make it even easier by providing customizable checklists that provide easy to follow itemized listings that help you remember what to look for as you enter any room.

These checklists are uniquely designed to list inspection options that might only occur in certain areas of the home such as kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, etc., which makes your inspection process very easy to perform and also makes you look very professional.

In addition to our weatherization improvements and inspection manuals, we suggest you order the following series of books. They do a wonderful job of providing a more in depth understanding of home construction practices and they'll really help you to focus and sharpen your home weatherization inspection and repair skills.

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Home Weatherization Jobs

#1 - Work For Yourself

The best and most secure job is one where you are the boss and have control over how much work you have and the type of work you will do. Weatherize America's Weatherization Business guidance program will save you months of trial and error and have you looking like a pro from the start plus our pricing sheets and spreadsheets help you provide accurate estimates and quotes in minutes which makes it more likely you will land weatherization jobs.

Our price sheets are fully editable in MS Excel format, but already include national average prices for material and labor costs. You can also use a laptop right at the job to provide a price in a minute or two or work from our editable PDF hardcopy version that takes a few more moments, but you can still figure the price so that you leave with a deposit, which means you leave with a weatherization job.

Of course, you can't be in business without having a web site. It's simply expected, so our Weatherization Business Guidance Program includes information on how to setup a fully functional web site that you can personalize with your business information and be ready to go within 7 days.

But how do you get the weatherization jobs? For starters, use your web site to promote your regional work, creating pages that also work well as fliers or ads. Your website also makes your business appear very professional right from the start. Then follow up by printing business cards and stationary that includes your web site address and associated email addresses.

With enough research, time, trial and effort, you could possibly choose to perform weatherization or winterization work without becoming a member of Weatherize America, but why go through all that trouble? Not only have we figured out many of the procedures, we have created many of the tools you need to perform a professional weatherization job, such as the checklists and price sheets plus you will be perpetually updated to include new ideas and procedures for as long as you choose to stay a member.

Start Your Own Home Weatherization Inspection and Repair Business Today!


#2 - Work For a Home Inspection or Home Improvement Company

For starters, educate yourself as much as possible about home weatherization.

Next, you need to locate employers in your area that might need or desire somebody with your skills and experience. There are several paths to follow:

  • Look through local classified ads for construction companies looking for workers. Even if they aren't looking for weatherization inspectors or workers, the fact that they are hiring means they have work and this might be enough to get your foot into the door and then you can work your way into a position once hired. You can also opt to simply contact this employer and suggest he hire you specifically for weatherization work. It never hurts to ask. Many companies are looking for ways to get on the green bandwagon and you might be the answer they have been waiting for.
  • Apply for Full Time Jobs on SnagAJob. You just need to provide your zip code. Give it a try!

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