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Username and Password Login Help


If you have forgotten your username or password, we have a few methods provided below that will help you.

  1. I Have Forgotten My Password
    Simply provide your username below and you will be prompted to reply to the Security Question on file. If you answer correctly, you will be provided with your password. You will have only have 3 chances to properly reply.
  2. I Have Forgotten My Username and/or Password
    Simply provide the e-mail address you used to register and your username and password will be immediately sent to you by e-mail.
    E-Mail Address:
  3. I Have Forgotten My Username, Password And My E-Mail Address Has Changed
    Upon registering with Weatherize America, you will have received at least one confirmation e-mail that provides your Username, Password and Security Answer as well as a payment receipt either from or Pay-Pal. Please take a moment and look through your e-mail for this information.
  4. None Of The Steps Above Worked
    If you are still unable to find your information, it's possible that you never registered. Registration requires a yearly fee and a setup process. To register, visit our Sales and Registration Page.
    If you are still unable to log in, try to confirm your original membership joining date. If this is more than 1 year and 30 days ago and you did not renew, your account may have been deleted and you will need to reapply for membership.
    If you know you paid to register and that your membership is currently active and you still can't login after trying all the solutions provided above, then Contact Us and provide as much information as possible that will help us determine your registration status.


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