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Dryer Vent Seal Helps Save Up To 10% On Home Heating Costs


Install a Dryer Vent Seal that will reduce unwanted air infiltration. The vent remains closed until the dryer is in use, then a floating shuttle rises to allow warm air, lint, and moisture to escape.

Dryer Vent Seal

Price: $ 22.50

Our Dryer Vent Closure keeps out outside air since only heated dryer air pushes up the floating shuttle, then escapes from the vent's bottom. When dryer stops, shuttle drops back down, keeping wind, birds, bugs and rodents outside. Dryer vent mounts easily over existing 4" vent pipe. Screws included.

Dryer Vent Seal DiagramHave you ever noticed that the room containing your clothes dryer is the coldest room in your house? Ever wonder why?? Your clothes dryer is connected to a 4" diameter exhaust duct that is open to the outdoors. In the winter, cold air leaks in through the duct, through your dryer and into your house, while your heated air just pours right out!

Try this yourself - with the dryer off, go outside and feel your heated air leaking out of the dryer vent. This is a substantial energy-loser!

Many common discharge vents use a sheet metal flapper to try to reduce this air leakage. This is very primitive technology that does not provide a positive seal to stop the air leakage. Compounding the problem is that over time, lint clogs the flapper valve causing it to stay open. This is like leaving a window open! Conventional dryer vents can allow hot air into your home during the summer months, and cold air in during the winter.

The Dryer Vent Seal is made of high impact ABS plastic, and will mount easily on siding, brick, or cement. The vent can be painted if desired.

Size: 6.5" W x 7.0" D x 13.3" H.





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